Left: Concentrator Photovoltaics (CPV) system (Courtesy of CPV Consortium).
Above: The sun provides enough energy in one hour to meet our energy needs for an entire year.

About Cyrium

Cyrium Technologies is a fabless Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) cell manufacturer using breakthrough nanotechnology to provide cost effective, high efficiency solutions for terrestrial solar applications. Leveraging more than a decade of R&D in the area of semiconductor quantum dots, Cyrium is able to provide CPV system manufacturers with conversion efficiencies which aid them in achieving their optimum levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

Although at Cyrium we utilize disruptive nanotechnology to achieve our significant performance, we are also able to manage cost by utilizing the existing infrastructure available to fabless semiconductor manufacturers. At volume production levels this gives Cyrium the ability to deliver to our clients the lowest overall cost of ownership.

We believe that the solution to cost effective high performance renewable energy lies within the knowledge base surrounding Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) technology.

At the core of Cyrium's success is a culture built around lean six sigma and peak performance principles which it extends to both our suppliers and our clients. Cyrium's adherence to lean six sigma principles in all aspects of our business allows us to focus on a sustainable competitive advantage by following a roadmap for continuous cost reduction. By working with clients and vendors, Cyrium seeks to deliver not only the lowest cost and highest performance products at the cell level, but also at the systems level.

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