Left: Concentrator Photovoltaics (CPV) system (Courtesy of CPV Consortium).
Above: The sun provides enough energy in one hour to meet our energy needs for an entire year.

Simon Fafard, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer

Simon has more than 20 years of Semiconductor and Optoelectronics experience covering the complete product development cycle: an established scientist with vision and recognized globally with accomplishments from innovative R&D, material research and engineering, new product design and prototyping, with deep knowledge of target markets from experience in technical customer support and product line management.

He established a prestigious nano-optics program when he was a Senior Research Officer in the national lab of IMS/NRC. He worked on new product introduction at startups such as Kymata Canada and in an established company with a complete portfolio of state-of-the-art products as a product Line Manager at Alcatel Optronics. Simon invented the use of self-assembled quantum in devices such as multi-junction solar cells. He founded Cyrium in 2002, and raised $20M of funding, establishing the company has a leader now producing the highest efficiency solar cells based on this invention and currently achieving record efficiencies over 40% in production.

Simon was an NSERC Postdoc fellow at the NSF-funded QUEST center at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and he holds a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Ottawa. He published over 135 articles in the scientific literature, wrote book chapters and several patents in the field of Nanostuctures.

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