Left: High efficiency Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) cell based on semiconductor nanotechnology.
Above: The sun provides enough energy in one hour to meet our energy needs for an entire year.

Multi-Junction Solar Cells Performance Trials

OTTAWA, Ontario

Cyrium Technologies Inc., a designer and producer of high efficiency photovoltaic solar cells, announced today that multi-junction solar cells produced by the company now exceed the performance of all commercially manufactured solar cells.

"Cyrium is pleased to set new performance standards for the solar cell suppliers to the Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) industry," said Dr. Simon Fafard, founder and CTO of Cyrium Technologies. "We believe the exceptional performance of our cells will enhance CPV's business case and is a key to moving the cost of renewable solar energy toward grid parity."

Cyrium's first generation solar cells offer efficiencies of 40 per cent or higher together with a nearly constant conversion efficiency for solar concentrations from 200 to greater than 1000 suns. This performance sets a new standard for solar cells intended use in the CPV industry. The CPV industry uses lenses and mirrors to concentrate the sun's energy by 500 to 1000 times, allowing a relatively small area of solar cells to generate megawatts of electricity.

Fafard added, "The most outstanding feature of Cyrium's approach is an optimized design for multi-junction cells that does not add complexity or cost. These super-efficient cells employ Cyrium's unique quantum dot technology to modify the internal structure of the semiconductor material creating improved efficiencies over conventional multi-junction or other manufacturing techniques."

Cyrium anticipates its second generation product will reach 43 per cent efficiency within one year and third generation products are targeted to be at 45 per cent within two years. The company is proceeding with small volume manufacturing and qualification of its current generation of solar cell products.

Cyrium's solar cells are now available to qualified CPV clients for evaluation.

About Cyrium Technologies

Cyrium Technologies, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, is developing breakthrough technology that significantly increases photovoltaic solar cell efficiency over state-of-the-art products. The company is privately-held and received its first venture capital funding in 2004. Cyrium's strategy is to become a leader in the design and production of high efficiency photovoltaic solar cells.

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